Choices & Consequences Workshop (6 Weeks or 2 Full Days)

By Rosemary Martin 



Choices & Consequences is a lively interactive workshop that will:


  • Raise participant’s awareness and promote the importance of consequences attached to behaviour choices.
  • Guide and support participants in identifying comfortable and uncomfortable feelings.
  • Engage participants in practical interactive activities that will guide, support and teach individuals how to foresee the possible consequences of their behavior choices.
  • Explore resources and techniques that will enable participants to explore a range of behaviour choices, which can be used at home with family, with them-selves and with their children.
  • Encourage participants to share their experiences as a way of enhancing the learning of the group.
  • Support participants to develop the ability to control impulsive reactions that stem from uncomfortable feelings.


The workshop will consist of engaging participants in personal tasks, discussions, group work and interaction with a range of games and resources based on choices and consequences.




This workshop is available for Adults, Youths & Children


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Choices & Consequences Workshop (1 Day)