Consider Me (Promoting Empathy Primary)

By Rosemary Martin


Individuals work through a series of structured activities based on Behaviours displayed in a Primary School setting. From this structure they are then able to create and record a vlog.


Consider Me provides an opportunity to explore all who could be affected by the behaviour choices of individuals in a Primary School setting and also how they could be affected.
Users of this resource will gain clear understanding of the rippling effects of positive and negative behaviour choices. Individuals begin to develop Empathy, consider others and think before acting or reacting. This pack promotes the development of Empathy, Self-Awareness & Critical Thinking.


This Pack Will:


➢Raise participant’s understanding of empathy.


➢Promote the development of empathy.


➢Explore resources and techniques that will enable participants to explore the links between thoughts, feelings and behaviour choices.


➢Use threat based activities to guide and support participants in exploring the importance of developing empathy.


➢Heighten empathetic skills in order to be sensitive to expressions and tones of others.


➢Encourage participants to share their experiences as a way of enhancing learning.


This pack explores behaviour choices made by individuals in a Primary School setting.

Consider Me (Primary)