Definition will guide users to become familiar with the terminology used in discussions pertaining to radicalisation and terrorism and to understand their definitions.

This resource pack is intended to educate and empower users by providing them with the knowledge needed to challenge ideological and extremist views.

Definition can be used to help meet the Prevent Duty.


This resource will enable users to:

  • Quickly become familiar with language used in discussions pertaining to radicalisation and terrorism
  • Practice using various terminologies needed for developing and improving understanding of radicalisation and terrorism
  • Gain awareness of radicalisation
  • Build resilience against radicalisation
  • Identify signs of grooming and radicalisation
  • Develop social skills
  • Develop self-awareness
  • Develop Self-confidence
  • Develop the attributes of British Values


This resource can be used:

  • With targeted individuals, groups or whole classes.
  • With Individuals with special educational needs including those who speak English as their second language.
  • This pack can be used in conjunction with other training tools/workshops etc in raising awareness of The Prevent Duty.


This Pack Contains


7 Definition Game Boards

7 Blank Definition Game Boards

7 A4 Blank Definition Game Boards

7 Glossary Cards

48 Definition Cards

27 Challenge Cards

8 Bells

7 White Board Markers

1 Timer

70 Emotional Wealth Coins

1 Laminated Score Board

Definition: Radicalisation

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