Feel Good Emotions Board Game 

By Rosemary Martin


Feel Good Emotions Board Game is a fun and therapeutic game that allows players to explore and express a variety of comfortable emotions. This game will equip individuals with strategies which will enable them to recognise their individual strengths, develop their self identity  and celebrate their individuality.


This resource will:

·      Boost self-esteem/confidence.

·      Build positive relationships.

·      Offer participants the opportunity to gain a better understanding of themselves and their                self-esteem.

·      Explore strategies to help develop and sustain positive self-esteem.

·      Help evoke positive thoughts and feelings about self.

·      Allow participants to be able to recognize and appreciate the things they are

        good at.

·       Build upon positive self- belief.

·       Teach individuals how to recognise, appreciate and celebrate strengths in themselves   

        and others.

·       Identify the circumstances that promote comfortable emotions in themselves and                          others.

·       Direct participants on how to become empowered to choose how they would like to feel.


Suitable for ages 7 to adult

1 to 4 players




Feel Good Emotions Board Game