Feelings Bear: Board/Table Game

By Rosemary Martin


Feelings Bear: Board/Table Game will support young children to develop Emotional literacy from an early age. Children have the opportunity to work through a number of both comfortable and uncomfortable emotions.


Children will quickly develop self awareness and the ability to identify their own emotions as they arise.

This game will equip children with tools which will enable them to identify the cause of their emotions and communicate them safely.


Users will learn how to: 


  • Identify the circumstances that trigger specific emotions
  • Control being overwhelmed by multiple emotions
  • Cope with multiple emotions
  • Identify the need that arises as a result of uncomfortable feelings.
  • Pinpoint what creates comfortable feelings and take control of their own happiness.
  • Understand and accept all emotions and how they feel as a result of positive or negative experiences /circumstances.
  • Stay in control of emotions and not allow them to overwhelm.
  • Develop emotional literacy


2 to 4 Players Ages 5 to 7

Feelings Bear Table Game

  • Please allow up to 28 days for delivery.