Managing Emotions is at the heart of emotional intelligence. The ability to manage emotions is a crucial skill that must be practiced and understood in order to stay safe. A person’s emotions can play a major part in the behaviour choices they make and subsequently can depict the path they find themselves on.

Managing emotions requires knowledge of emotional vocabulary. A person needs to be able to identify and become aware of the many emotions that the human mind can produce.

This resource will guide users through the steps needed to develop emotional literacy, use emotional language and become emotionally intelligent and in turn grow to be successful in managing emotions.


Anticipated outcomes:

· Increased self-esteem

· Greater mental and emotional wellbeing

· Ability to manage uncomfortable emotions such as anger

· Awareness of self-identity

· Ability to use emotional language

· Increased emotional intelligence



Using this resource will significantly increase users self

-awareness and allow them to work through a range of comfortable emotions. The process will give users an opportunity to identify and pursue the things that cause them to feel specific comfortable emotions and empower them to choose exactly how they would like to feel.



Double Sided Pocket Sized Managing Emotions Cards

  • Class pack of 30 for £30