Managing Emotions Workshop (6 Weeks or 2 Days)

By Rosemary Martin & Claudette Brown


Managing Emotions is at the heart of emotional intelligence. The ability to manage emotions is a crucial skill that needs to be understood and absorbed in order to stay safe. This skill is essential in sustaining life long good emotional, mental health and wellbeing.

A persons emotions can play a major part in the behaviour choices they make and subsequently can depict the path they find themselves on.

The ability to manage emotions requires knowledge of emotional vocabulary. A person needs to be able to identify and become aware of the many emotions that the human mind can produce.

This workshop will guide you through the steps needed to enable you to fully develop emotional literacy, use emotional language and become emotionally intelligent then in turn grow to be successful in managing emotions.


Managing Emotions is a lively interactive workshop that will:


  • Raise participant’s awareness and promote the importance of emotional literacy.
  • Guide and support participants in identifying the need behind behaviour choices.
  • Explore the key components and the relevance of them in our lives.
  • Guide and support participants in identifying, understanding, and managing their own emotions.
  • Raise awareness of the links between comfortable and uncomfortable emotions on building emotional well-being, healthy and happy relationships, learning and achievement.
  • Engage participants in practical interactive activities that will guide, support   and teach individuals how to identify, understand, accept, safely express and communicate emotions felt by themselves and their children.
  • Explore resources and techniques that participants can use at home as a family, with them-selves and with their children in a variety of situations.
  • Encourage participants to share their experiences as a way of enhancing the learning of the group.


The workshop will consist of engaging participants in personal tasks, discussions, group work and interaction with a range of managing emotions games and resources.




This workshop is available for Adults, Youths & Children


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Managing Emotions Workshop (1 Day)