Choices & Consequences: 12 in 1

By Rosemary Martin


Choices & Consequences:12 in 1 is a selection of fun and interactive card games that teaches children the possible consequences to  positive and negative behaviour choices.

Children quickly become aware of the ramifications that may occur as a result of “their own” behaviour choice. Children then become empowered to make positive behaviour choices, which in turn leads to positive consequence.

Choices & Consequences demonstrates that “choice of any kind comes with consequence”. Children quickly start to make the right decisions.

Choices & Consequences promotes the development of many of the key components essential in solid emotional, mental health and wellbeing.


These key components include:  Anger Management, Positive Behaviour Choices, Self-esteem, Self-control, Self-awareness, Personal Power, Confidence, Self-discipline and Social skills.

Children who have used Choices & Consequences:12 in 1 have said..
“It has helped me to think ahead at what might  happen if I did that!”
“Someone was being rude to me and I was being rude back. Then I remembered the consequences, retaliating, time out, receive a warning, you are told off. So I just ignored him instead.”

Choices and Consequences: 12 in 1