Oh Charlie Workshop

By Rosemary Martin



This workshop is ideal for excluded children or children at risk of exclusion


Topics covered includes:


  • Behaviour choices & others
  •  Exploring Charlie's Behaviour
  • People Affected by Charlie's Behaviour
  •  Reading Body Language
  •  Behaviour Choices Impacting Others
  •  Effects of Pretending
  •  Behaviour Choices
  •  Identifying Bullying
  •  Identifying Inappropriate Behaviour


Individuals will participate in a range of interactive activities, discussions and games that will equip them with key components/ key attributes needed to develop and maintain solid emotional health and wellbeing.

This workshop covers 2 full days.




1. Understanding choices and consequences

2. Labelling behaviours

3. Separating behaviour from person

4. Discover the effects of following the crowd and lack of control over outcomes

5. The consequences of pretending not to care

6. Reading body language

7. Foreseeing possible outcomes


Oh Charlie has been used in whole school consultation and revision of behaviour and anti-bullying policy.








Oh Charlie 2 Hour Workshop (Primary)