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Are You Looking For Resources To Help With Challenging Behaviour?
Our Resources Have Been Successful In Tackling Challenging Behaviour In Children, Young People And Adults.

Challenging Behaviour

What Is Challenging Behaviour?

Challenging behaviour is a term used to refer to problematic or testing behaviours that children, young people and adults can present. Aggression (hitting out, biting, pinching), destruction of property (breaking things), self-injury (e.g. biting, picking, head banging) and many other behaviours fall under the heading of ‘challenging behaviour’. These behaviours have the potential to cause significant harm to the person and others around them and can impact on their life including family relationships, schooling, leisure pursuits, health and overall care.

What is challenging behaviour? - Stepping Stones Clinic

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Double Challenge Game Boards

This resource will promote the development of critical thinking skills and enhance the players ability to think clearly and rationally about the choices they make. Players will gain the opportunity to engage in reflective and independent thinking. By encouraging the development of critical thinking, players will become empowered for life.

Consider Me - Secondary

Consider Me encourages users to reflect, explore and discuss situations and events that may occur as a result of behaviour choices. It allows users to gain clear understanding of the rippling effects that both positive and negative behaviour choices may bring to themselves and others.

Feel-Good 12 & 16 

Game Boards

This resource will empower individuals to think positively about themselves and their abilities, by helping them to build on their own self-belief.. It will teach individuals to create positive thoughts and feelings about themselves and empower them by giving them tools so they can choose how they would like to feel.

This resource is an excellent tool for promoting good emotional and mental wellness.

Friendships Matter

This resource will guide players to explore the benefits of friendships and build awareness of the importance of forming and respecting boundaries.

This game will help individuals to:

•             Build a sense of belonging and purpose.

•             Build resilience.

•             Boost happiness and reduce stress.

•             Improve confidence and self-worth.

•             Help to form longstanding relationships and friendships based upon mutual respect and core values.

Friendships Matter Board Game will help individuals form genuine friendships, and as a result can help to reduce loneliness and social isolation. This resource can also help to reduce stress as true friendships offer emotional support.

Circle Time In A Bag

Circle time in a bag allows children to explore various aspects of school life. It helps them to identify their strengths, as well as helping them to identify the need that lies behind any barriers to learning.

This resource has been used to work with school children with the following anxiety disorders:

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