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Are You Or Anyone You Know Experiencing Suicidal Thoughts?
Our Resources Have Been Successful In Helping Individuals To Overcome Suicidal Ideations.

Suicidal Ideation

Suicide is a complex issue involving numerous factors and should not be attributed to any one single cause. Not all people who die by suicide have been diagnosed with a mental illness and not all people with a mental illness attempt to end their lives by suicide.

People who experience suicidal thoughts and feelings are suffering with tremendous emotional pain. People who have died by suicide typically had overwhelming feelings of hopelessness, despair and helplessness. Suicide is not about a moral weakness or a character flaw. People considering suicide feel as though their pain will never end and that suicide is the only way to stop the suffering.

Below are the resources we feel have the best approach to tackle such issues.

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Managing Emotions Self-evaluation Journal

This journal will help you develop the emotional intelligence required to effectively manage emotions.


It will do this by:


  • Teaching you the language to identify your emotions.

  • Helping you identify the need which lies at the root of uncomfortable emotions and express it appropriately.

  • Helping you to self-soothe and work through uncomfortable emotions, both present and past.

  • Equipping you with tools to help you regulate emotions.

  • Enabling you to recognise patterns or triggers that may evoke uncomfortable emotions, in yourself as well as in others.

  • Highlighting your character strengths, while also helping you address character flaws.


Crucially, this journal will help you to:

  • Learn to manage emotions.

  • Communicate effectively.

  • Build and sustain healthy relationships.

  • Relieve stress.

  • Cope with difficulties.

  • Build resilience.

  • Empathise with others.

  • Defuse conflict.

Emotions Board Games

We are all unique and shaped by our individual life events and corresponding emotions.

This game will help us to understand our own needs and also the needs of others.

This will not only help us avoid toxic behaviours and habits but will also help us to achieve our goals.

Emotions Expressed Family Game

The Emotions Expressed Board Game is a fun and therapeutic board game which allows players to explore and express a variety of emotions.

Players become aware of the situations that help to create comfortable emotions and the need that arises as a result of uncomfortable emotions.

Using this resource will promote the development of empathy. Players will understand and accept emotions felt by themselves and by others.

This resource promotes the development of emotional and mental wellbeing and builds upon the following key areas:

self-awareness, emotional intelligence, empathy, social skills, anger management, positive thinking, and coping skills.

This resource has been successfully used with individuals with the following: Anxiety, Depression, ODD, ADHD, ADD and AUTISM.

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