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Are You Or Anyone You know Self-harming?
Our Resources Have Been Successful In Helping Individuals To Overcome Self-harm.


Self-harm is when somebody intentionally damages or injures their body. It's usually a way of coping with or expressing overwhelming emotional distress.

Sometimes when people self-harm, they feel on some level that they intend to die. More than half of people who die by suicide have a history of self-harm.

The intention is more often to punish themselves, express their distress or relieve unbearable tension. Sometimes it's a mixture of all three.

Self-harm can also be a cry for help.

Below are the resources we feel have the best approach to tackle such issues.

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This resource will help individuals to develop the emotional intelligence required to effectively manage emotions.

It will do this by:

  • Teaching you the language to identify your emotions.

  • Helping you identify the need which lies at the root of uncomfortable emotions and express it appropriately.

  • Helping you to self-soothe and work through uncomfortable emotions, both present and past.

  • Equipping you with tools to help you regulate emotions.

  • Enabling you to recognise patterns or triggers that may evoke uncomfortable emotions, in yourself as well as in others.

The Emotions Game Boards

We are all unique and shaped by our individual life events and corresponding emotions. This game will help us to understand our own needs and also the needs of others. This will not only help us avoid toxic behaviours and habits but will also help us to achieve our goals.


Going through difficult experiences can sometimes cause us to become socially and emotionally isolated. This can be difficult for the ones experiencing the challenges and distressing for the family and friends.

This resource will help to keep the lines of communication open, as it will enable individuals to empathise, understand and accept emotions felt by themselves and by others.


This resource will promote the development of emotional, mental health and wellbeing and build upon the following essential areas; self-awareness, self-acceptance, empathy, social skills, anger management, and coping skills.

Feelings In A Bag

At times we can become overwhelmed with multiple emotions which can us to become both emotionally and mentally unstable. This resource will help you to identify each emotion, meet the need attached to each emotion and then self-soothe.  

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