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Choices & Consequences


Our Choices & Consequences Range will promote awareness of the countless physical, psychological, emotional and economic consequences of specific negative behaviour choices many vulnerable individuals often make. These resources will guide users to explore the positive and negative impact on self and others.

Many resources in this range will reduce the risk of individuals becoming radicalised, reduce the risk of individuals engaging in group/gang violence, promote community cohesion, promote citizenship, promote development of emotional, mental health and wellbeing and will promote critical thinking.

Individuals will:

  1. Practice and develop empathy and sympathy

  2. Develop self-identity and individuality

  3. Become empowered to make positive informed choices therefore reducing the risk of being vulnerable to radicalisation

  4. Be able to identify safe and unsafe practices

  5. Practice development of the key components/key attributes that make up emotional, mental health and wellbeing

  6. Practice critical thinking

  7. Develop foresight


Choices & Consequences will empower as individuals will become vulnerable at some point in their lives; for this reason, it is important that all children and young people are schooled on becoming resilient to the many forms of exploitation.

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