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Oh Charlie! 

Whole School Approach Resource Pack

By Rosemary Martin


This resource pack is ideal for use with excluded children/children at risk of exclusion


Topics covered includes:


  • Behaviour choices & others
  • Anti-social Behaviour
  • Behaviour Choices & Consequences
  •  Exploring Charlie's Behaviour
  • People Affected by Charlie's Behaviour
  •  Reading Body Language
  •  Behaviour Choices Impacting Others
  •  Effects of Pretending
  •  Behaviour Choices
  •  Identifying Bullying
  •  Identifying Inappropriate Behaviour


Charlie is a boy who behaves inappropriately by choice. One day Charlie realises how other people can be affected by his actions. When Charlie realises the consequences of his actions for himself and others, he decides to choose the right way.

This resource pack contains 19 Sessions plus Circle Time sessions

Through thought-provoking activities and exploration of the subject, children will be empowered to make positive and informed choices without feeling dictated to.



1. Understanding choices and consequences

2. Labelling behaviours

3. Separating behaviour from person

4. Discover the effects of following the crowd and lack of control over outcomes

5. The consequences of pretending not to care

6. Reading body language

7. Foreseeing possible outcomes


How to use

1. As a whole school half-term project

2. As part of 'anti-bullying week' activities

3. In individual classes where there are behaviour issues relating to the whole class

4. Work can be displayed around the school and shared in an assembly at the end of the project

5. Oh Charlie has been used in whole school consultation and revision of behaviour and anti-bullying policy.


Oh Charlie storybook

This book is about a young boy called Charlie who behaves inappropriately by choice until one day that choice leads to a series of negative consequences. Charlie then realises how his actions impact on other people as well as himself and so decides that his behaviour choices from then on will be positive.


Teachers Guide

The sessions in this guide support children in exploring the many aspects of negative/disruptive behaviour:

By questioning then naming the behaviours and looking at the consequences for the perpetrator as well as others.

CD-ROM Contains:

* Expected Outcomes

* Circle Time Questions

* Teachers Guide containing all sessions

* Behaviour Choice Cards

* 4 Outcome Cards

* Question CardsCircle time/Group Question Pack


The questions in this pack encourage children to explore feelings that may arise from the effects of inappropriate behaviour. This pack can be used by a whole class, small groups or on a 1 to 1 basis.


Behaviour Choice Cards

These cards support the children as they identify and name the behaviours that Charlie displays throughout the story. Using the same positive and negative choice cards, the children are able to physically display their own choice of behaviour for others to see, thus affirming their choices.


Outcome Cards

These cards come as a pair and can be used as a preventative behaviour strategy at any point during the school day. For example, a member of staff may support a child who is making a negative behaviour choice: the staff member could ask the child to choose either a positive or negative Outcome Card for themselves and then read the question on the card "What could happen next?"


Question Card

This card is to be used after each session before the teacher recaps the learning objective. The card displays one question: What have you learned from today's session?

Oh Charlie is an attractive and energetic PSHE resource pack; it is written in simple, fun language using colourful characters.

Age 5-11

Written & Illustrated by Rosemary Martin

Teachers Guide Written by Rosemary Martin & Zanaba Myrie


Oh Charlie Behaviour Resource Pack (



Oh Charlie! Whole School Approach Resource Pack

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