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Friendships Matter

Friendships Matter

By Rosemary Martin


Friendships Matter is a fun and engaging board game that will help individuals explore what behaviours are deemed as acceptable and appropriate or unacceptable and inappropriate.

This resource will guide players to explore the benefits of friendships and build awareness of the importance of forming and respecting boundaries.

This game will help individuals to:

•             Build a sense of belonging and purpose.

•             Build resilience.

•             Boost happiness and reduce stress.

•             Improve confidence and self-worth.

•             Help to form longstanding relationships and friendships based upon mutual respect and core values.

Friendships Matter Board Game will help individuals form genuine friendships, and as a result can help to reduce loneliness and social isolation. This resource can also help to reduce stress as true friendships offer emotional support.

Friendships matter give individuals the tools to form and sustain healthy friendships and relationships.

This resource encourages individuals to pursue the positive attributes of friendship. It allows individuals to develop positive, fulfilling relationships based upon mutual respect and core values.

Friendships Matter

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