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Behaviour Choices Activity Pack

Behavioiur Choices Activity Pack


Solid Behaviour Choices Activity Pack will help users understand how people with an extremist mindset arrive at their harmful behaviour choices.

This pack includes activities with questions designed to challenge extremist rhetoric and promote critical thinking skills. Activities in this pack are discussion-based. In conversation with others, students will build up a catalogue of negative behaviour choices made by those with an extremist mindset.

As a result, this pack will empower people to safeguard themselves and those around them.

Facilitators have the option to choose which activities they would like to deliver to their participants.

This pack will also enable adults who work with or care for children to:

  • Discuss radicalisation and extremism with children and young people.
  • Recognise the signs of harm in children and young people.
  • Help vulnerable children and young people as they build up resilience against radicalisation and violent extremism.


Additional benefits include:


  • Awareness of the risks with being radicalised or participating in terrorist activity.
  • Awareness of the countless consequences of specific negative behaviour choices that vulnerable individuals often make,- along with its impact on themselves and others.
  • An understanding of the consequences of yeilding to negative peer pressure.
  • An opportunity to practice and develop empathy.
  • An opportunity to discuss and form individual opinions, and decide upon appropriate actions in the face of eternal pressure/undue influence - therefore reducing the risk of being drawn into extremist rhetoric.
  • An opportunity to develop and practice foresight.
  • Developing the ability to identifiy safe and unsafe practices.
  • An opportunity to develop and practice using critical thinking skills.

Behaviour Choices Activity Pack

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