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The ability to think critically is a core skill. Developing this core skill will teach individuals to fulfil their needs in a healthy way.


The Critical Thinking About Behaviour Choices Activity Pack will help families to explore behaviour choices and their wider impact.

Activities in this pack are discussion-based. In conversation with others, family members gain awareness of the ripple effect behaviour choices have on both the individual making the choice, and on others within the family and beyond. This pack gives parents an opportunity to clearly communicate:


•what behaviours are appropriate and inappropriate

•what the rewards are for good behaviour

•what the consequences are for bad behaviour


This pack will promote positive communication; it will act as a tool to reduce conflict within the family. It will do this by giving parents and carers the tools to:


•discuss specific issues

•address behaviour choices they find challenging

•address conflict between siblings

•improve communication between family members

•improve relationships between family members

•develop and maintain healthy boundaries within the family

•promote problem-solving by exploring all aspects of behaviour choices and their wider impact

•explore the benefits of making positive behaviour choices


The questions in this activity pack are designed to promote foresight, critical thinking, and empathy. As a result, this pack will empower children and young people to look ahead and consider the impact of their behaviour choices on themselves and others.


Crucially, the pack will encourage its users to think before they act.


This approach is effective especially when working with individuals who may have experienced trauma. Parents and carers have the option to choose from a wide range of behaviour choices. They also have the option to explore any other behaviours they would like to address. This resource can be utilised as a tool to stop repetition and reoccurrence of traumatisation in children, young people and adults.


The methods posed in this pack have many benefits, including crucially, the avoidance of dictating and confrontation. This is important especially when working with individuals who may display challenging behaviours. Where other methods may make individuals feel targeted, this approach gives them the power to explore a range of possible outcomes and come to their own realisation of the wider impact safe and unsafe practices have on themselves and on others.


This pack will give parents and carers the tools to pass on crucial skills to other family members, enabling them to make positive, educated behaviour choices.

Critical Thinking About Behaviour Choices - Family Edition

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