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Emotional Wealth

Emotional Wealth is the non-profit sister company to Stepping To Success.

Emotional Wealth prides itself with being focused on the needs of children, young people and adults who find themselves in situations where emotions become overwhelming which leads them into making poor behaviour choices.

We believe it is imperative for our next generation to be armed with the skills to control and execute positive outcomes. In order for this to happen, it is DETRIMENTAL that a solid emotional foundation is in place.

Without this solid emotional foundation, we leave ourselves open to negative behaviour choices such as:

Addiction, drug/alcohol abuse, crime, unhealthy relationships. 

 The True Source Of Riches can only be found in the application of

The Key Components

By using resources provided by Stepping To Success, we provide individuals with the tools to build emotional resilience so they are empowered to make positive behaviour choices they can be proud of.

We Have The Solution... We ARE The Solution!

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