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Workshop Facilitator

Amit Rawal is a PhD student, Life Coach and Founder of

Amit LOVES to motivate others as well as seeing them grow, develop and succeed which gives him great pleasure. This combined with his passion in public speaking has led to start creating YouTube videos on his channel, 1TakeMotivation (short 1 minute motivational videos shot in 1 take). Since then, from gaining a positive response he took the next step of becoming a freelance motivational speaker who can help you reach your goals, push your ambitions and become the best you can be! He set up 1TakeMotivation which provides motivational talks to organisations and life coaching sessions.

Want to find out more?  – Click here to check out Amit’s YouTube Channel!

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Founder & CEO

Rosemary Martin is the founder and CEO of Stepping to Success. She is a published author and illustrator who has written and produced well over 100 educational resources, all in the area of emotional, mental health and wellbeing.

Who We Are

Training Consulatant

Claudette Brown has worked passionately for over 30 years with vulnerable children, young people and parents to build their resilience; with the aim of supporting their independence to improve their own life chances and achieve better outcomes for their communities. Claudette has extensive experience in developing and implementing bespoke programmes to meet the needsof various client groups. She has worked as a local authority associate adviser and trainer; delivering training to school staff and has facilitated the delivery of evidence based parenting programmes in partnership with other organisations

Administrative Secretary

Lasharne Lionel is the administrative secretary for Stepping to Success Ltd. She has worked on a plethora of projects within the television industry. Lasharne is keen to help make sure that as a company, we strive for greatness and make it our mission to encourage our youth of today, become our next generation of well rounded, stable leaders.

We Have The Solution... We ARE The Solution!

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