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Boost-Self-identity & Self-esteem

The Boost Self-identity & Self-esteem Challenge

By Rosemary Martin


Boost is an exciting and challenging new game that allows players to explore and express a variety of comfortable feelings.

Boost will help players understand what makes them feel more comfortable and, simply, better about themselves. It will equip individuals with strategies to identify their individual strengths, discover their natural gifts, and explore their unique talents.


This resource can be also used as a tool to build positive healthy relationships, as it can help individuals to discover what creates specific comfortable feelings in others.


Boost will motivate and empower individuals to accept, appreciate, and celebrate their own identity.


This resource will:

o Promote and develop emotional and mental resilience. 

o Promote the development of self-identity, self-esteem, and self-awareness.

o Help players to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and others.

o Teach individuals to discover and pinpoint strengths in themselves and others.

o Empower individuals to think positively about themselves and their abilities by helping them to build on their own self-belief.

o Teach individuals to create positive thoughts and feelings about themselves.

o Empower individuals by giving them tools so they can choose how they would like to feel.

o Promote good emotional and mental wellbeing.


"The Boost self-identity and self-esteem challenge empowered me as a practitioner. This resource is a very useful tool to use in mentoring sessions to have structured way of accessing a child's emotions and understanding their identity and their needs. Finally a resource worth the money!"

-Diane Wallace 

Boost-Self-identity & Self-esteem

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