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Circle Time In A Bag

Circle-Time In A Bag

By Rosemary Martin


Circle time in a bag allows children to explore various aspects of school life. It helps them to identify their strengths, as well as helping them to identify the need that lies behind any barriers to learning.


This resource has been used to work with school children with the following anxiety disorders:

  • Social Isolation
  • Selective mutism
  • School refusal disorder

Circle Time in a Bag was designed to help users become aware of the positive attributes of school life by looking at the various areas and exploring the feelings attached to those areas. 

Circle time in a bag will help children and young people to pinpoint areas in school they may find challenging or causes them to experience feelings of discomfort. It will support them in identifying areas of success.

This pack will help users to:

  • Gain awareness of the many benefits that come from attending school.
  • Feel safe and have a positive learning experience.
  • Feel safe in re-integrating back into school.
  • Identify the need that arises as a result of uncomfortable feelings in school.
  • Identify any barriers to learning in school.
  • Identify the areas in school that promotes feelings of success.

Circle Time In A Bag

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