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Feelings In A Bag


By Rosemary Martin


Feelings in a Bag is designed to help users become aware of their emotions and identify feelings as they arise.


Users will be able to identify the cause of their emotions and develop the ability to manage them instead of becoming overwhelmed and controlled by them.


Users will learn how to: 


  • Identify the circumstances that trigger specific emotions.
  • Control being overwhelmed by multiple emotions.
  • Cope with multiple emotions.
  • Identify the need that arises as a result of uncomfortable feelings.
  • Pinpoint what creates comfortable feelings and take control of their own happiness.
  • Understand and accept all emotions and how they feel as a result of positive or negative experiences and circumstances.
  • Develop personal power.
  • Develop emotional literacy and emotional vocabulary.


This resource comes with a sensory bag, which is ideal for individuals who experience anxiety. It will help individuals to identify the forces that drive and shape all of their emotions, actions, quality of life and, ultimately their destinies. 


Feelings in a bag has successfully been used with individuals with the following: Anxiety, Depression, ODD, ADHD, ADD and AUTISM.


Feelings In A Bag

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