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Feelings Wall

Feelings Wall

By Rosemary Martin


Feelings Wall will help users develop Emotional Literacy. This resource will support individuals to become aware of their emotions. Individuals will learn to identify and manage each of these emotions as they arise. Users will gain awareness of what situations invoke specific emotions.

Users will learn a variety of tools and develop the ability to control uncomfortable emotions and learn how to self-soothe instead of becoming overwhelmed by them.


Users will learn how to: 


  • Identify the circumstances that trigger specific emotions.
  •  Control being overwhelmed by multiple uncomfortable emotions.
  •  Cope with multiple emotions.
  •  Identify the need that arises as a result of uncomfortable feelings.
  •  Pinpoint what creates comfortable feelings and take control of their own happiness.
  •  Understand and accept all emotions and how they feel as a result of positive or negative experiences or circumstances.
  •  Stay in control of emotions and not allow them to overwhelm.


This resource can be used as a tool to allow users time and space to reflect and self soothe.


Suitable for all ages


This resource is:

suitable for both home and school use,  one to one and  self- assessment.

comes with 30 attachable/detachable feelings cards, feelings box, and 100 reusable question/statement sheets.


This resources helps individuals to identify and work through present emotions.

Feelings Wall

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