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Resilience Against Radicalisation 2 Day Workshop


This workshop raises awareness of radicalisation by:




  • Promoting an understanding of negative choices made by those with an extremist mindset and the wider impact.
  • Challenging extremist rhetoric.
  • Promoting critical thinking skills.
  • Promoting awareness of the key drivers and susceptibilities that might cause an individual to become vulnerable to radicalisation.










This workshop supports and promotes the attributes of British Values and acts as a tool to counter radicalisation.

Delivery method: Students are given a username and password to access the workshop via an online platform




Course duration: 55-minutes







  • Secondary school aged students
  • Young adults






Course content:




  • 17 Videos 
  • 2 Interactive Activities
  • 19 Interactive Quizzes
  • Certificate on Completion












This Workshop Will:




  • Help individuals have a better understanding of negative choices and the resulting consequences.
  • Promote awareness of how individuals can protect themselves and each other from involvement in extremist groups.
  • Help individuals think critically about the information that they receive and recognise the dangers of biased messaging.
  • Help individuals understand the consequences of yielding to peer pressure.
  • Help individuals understand anger and how to manage their behaviours and choices.
  • Provide individuals with tools to help them to understand, regulate and manage their emotions.
  • Provide individuals with tools to utilise their critical thinking skills, to build resilience and reject prejudice, hatred, and extremism.
  • Provide individuals with the tools to develop empathy.
  • Provide access to tools that raise awareness and promote discussions on the topic of radicalisation and terrorism.


Once the workshops have been delivered, establishments will be given four free resource packs and offered free training in delivering each resource. 


This workshop is available for Children (Year 6), Young People & Adults


For More Information Please Email:

Resilience Workshop (Radicalisation 55 minutes)

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