Resilience Against Radicalisation 2 Day Workshop


Resilience is a dynamic and interactive two-day workshop that will focus on developing emotional resilience in young people who may be vulnerable to radicalisation.


Resilience Against Radicalisation Two Day Workshop will cover 4 key areas:


  • Managing Emotions
  • Behaviour Choices & Consequences
  • Empathy
  • Self-esteem

Individuals will participate in a range of interactive threat-based activities, discussions and games that will equip them with Key Components needed to develop and maintain solid emotional and mental wellbeing.


This workshop will:

  • Reduce the risk of individuals becoming radicalised
  • Reduce the risk of individuals engaging in group and gang violence
  • Promote awareness of the countless physical, psychological, emotional and economic consequences of specific negative behaviour choices vulnerable individuals often make and its impact on themselves and others
  • Allow individuals to practice and develop sympathy and empathy 
  • Encourage individuals to develop self-identity and individuality
  • Empower individuals to make positive, informed choices therefore reducing the risk of being vulnerable to radicalisation
  • Equip individuals with the tools to develop foresight
  • Guide individuals in identifying safe and unsafe practices
  • Enable individuals to practice development of the Key Components that make up emotional, mental health and wellbeing
  • Develop individuals critical thinking skills


Once the workshops have been delivered establishments will be given four free resource packs and offered free training in delivering each resource. 


This workshop is available for Children, Adolescents & Adults


For More Information Please Email:

Resilience Workshop (Radicalisation 55 minutes)