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Preparation For Greatness

Updated: Jul 6, 2018

Prepared for Greatness!  From a very early age you are being prepared for greatness….. Did you know that while in school. teachers are downloading to you years and years of study from college, university and life experiences. All of this invaluable knowledge that they have accumulated over the years is what they are offering to you.  These teachers maybe 10, 20, 30 or even 40 years older than you… can you imagine? You are receiving all of that knowledge at a young age. Just imagine how great you can become when you get to 18 or 20. What you take from them is your choice, it’s your choice to upload what they are offering to you, or not. You choose the level of your greatness, you choose how high you would like to climb, you choose whether your time in school will be worth your while, you choose whether or not the 10 years of your life that you spend in school will be used to accelerate your future or taint it!   If you have no respect for those teaching you, how then will you see the value in what they are teaching you?  What you do not respect you cannot fully embrace nor can you or appreciate the value of. How will you know what they know if you do not learn it from them? The whole aim and goal for us as human beings is to evolve!                                                     Evolving requires us to supersede our predecessors, your teacher is your predecessor. How can we supersede our predecessors if we are not willing to learn what they                      already know? .  In order to master something we must gather all there is to know about that which we seek to master. This means that with the knowledge given to us from those who teach us we must then seek for ourselves further knowledge in the area we are seeking to master.  If you do not seek to master anything you are not taking advantage of your position of superiority as a human bein.   Being a Jack of all trades and mastering  none means you know little about a lot but not a lot about anything!  You are being prepared for greatness accept it, respect it don’t reject it!
School Refusers

Ears & Eyes…. The Doorway To The Mind!

What you lend your ears to will eventually influence you.

What you expose your eyes to will be what you are led to.

What enters your ears and is seen by your eyes will form the images in your mind.

The things that you see and hear becomes what you will find!

If you continuously listen to negative words from whatever the source, it will conjure uncomfortable emotions such as anger, fear, dread, rebellion and resentment. What you give your ears and eyes to becomes your strongest influence.

Our minds act as our Energy Switch... Think comfortable thoughts and switch the energy to good thus opening the door for positive energy to flow in and out.

Think bad thoughts and switch the energy to bad thus opening the door for bad energy to flow in and out!

If you think negative thoughts you will feel uncomfortable inside which can lead to negative behaviour choices.

So what causes these uncomfortable emotions?

What we see in our minds eye (our thoughts) is what controls us, this is what we will act or react to.

Think thoughts of goodness, and feel good.

Think thoughts of achievement and feel that you have achieved.

Think thoughts of success and feel successful.

Think thoughts of love and feel love.

Take control of your mind, keep it healthy and feed it good thoughts.

Decide on how you would like to feel, if comfortable then find what it is that makes you feel comfortable and do it.

Remember 99% of the time our emotions will determine our next move!

The discomfort you feel from negative thoughts will lead to negative behaviour choices. If I think of a time when someone has done wrong to me, instantly I feel angry, vengeful, I have my back up and I’m ready to attack! But when I think of the good that someone has done for me instantly it conjures up good feelings, positive feelings, comfortable feelings and then I smile..9 times out of 10 the world will smile back at me and if they don’t, that’s okay because I maintain my countenance… I control my own mind so the thoughts that enter my mind are my choice. Who I give my ears or eyes to becomes my influence so there fore I give my ears and my eyes to positivity!

I alone choose how I would like to feel!


By Rosemary Martin

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