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We Are All Products Of Our Environments

Updated: Jul 6, 2018


If I lived in Birmingham I would adopt a Brummie accent. If I lived in Ireland I will adopt an Irish accent and Irish culture.

Children are products of their environment.

In any establishment there is a main circuit board, all systems operate off of and is linked directly to that main board. The main board serves as the main source that feeds through to the rest of the system. If there is a problem or a virus in the system, it is fixed by going straight to the source.

A child's surroundings, their, environment, what they see, what they hear is the source; and serves as that main board.

A toddler learns to say hello and learns to wave goodbye only after they have heard and seen it being done repeatedly.

A child's behaviour comes as a result of what they have seen and heard; what they have been exposed to repeatedly.

If a child lives in an environment where those around them repeatedly express uncomfortable emotions such as resentment, jealousy, rage and unforgiveness, in an unsafe way, they too WILL LEARN to express and model uncomfortable emotions in a way that is unsafe to them and to others.

The Ears & The Eyes Are The Doorway To The Mind!

By Rosemary Martin

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