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Radicalisation is a psychological process where vulnerable and/or susceptible individuals are groomed to engage into criminal or terrorist activity.

Below are the resources we feel have the best approach to tackle such issues.

Click on resources recommended from our   Resilience Against Radicalisation  Range

Managing work book.jpg

Managing Emotions

Student Workbook

Empathy Range

Rasilience Against Radicalisation Studen

Consider Me Student Workbook (Radicalisation)

Definition Game Photo_edited.jpg

Definition: Radicalisation

Behaviour Choices And Consequences Cards

Behaviour Choices Cards - Radicalisation

Choices & Consequences Range

Double Challenge_edited.jpg

Choices & Consequences: Double Challenge

Self-esteem Range

Boost Self-Esteem Challenge.jpg


Resilience Against Radicalisation 55 Minutes Workshop


Resilience Against Radicalisation Workshop

We Have The Solution... We ARE The Solution!

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