At Stepping to Success, we support and promote the attributes of British Values through our resources and workshops.

 We offer a variety of bespoke resources, specifically designed to meet the emotional needs of children, young people and adults.

We believe it is imperative to build a strong, healthy, emotional foundation in order to cope with the challenges that may be faced in everyday life. Our resources will support, inspire and motivate children, young people and their peers during adolescence and therefore carry positive impact throughout their adult lives.

Our resources explore various topics pertaining to behavioral, emotional and mental wellbeing. This encourages participants to explore subjects associated with the key components responsible for solid emotional and mental wellbeing .

These key components include self-esteem, self-awareness, confidence, emotional intelligence, empathy, personal power, self-control, self-discipline, social skills and motivation.

Exploration of these themes drives and empowers individuals to take the lessons into their lives, supporting them in making positive behaviour choices and reinforcing morals, which as a result builds character, raises confidence and enables them to build upon positive self-belief therefore reaching their full potential. 


Stepping to Success' resources are a lifeline and survival kit for all who use them.

We Have The Solution... We ARE The Solution!

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